Beef Education

One of the Green River Valley Cowbelles/Cattle Women’s (GRVC) goal is to help educate the public about the value of beef, what the ranch industry is all about, how the ranching industry supports the environment and economy along with encouraging people to use and support the beef and ranching industry in the Green River Valley.

Working in conjunction with the Wyoming Cattle Women, American National Cattle  Women, Wyoming Beef Council , and the Wyoming Stock Growers Association and the National Cattlemen’s Association , the GRVC helps provide links to a large number of the informational beef sites whether for education in school, nutrition and recipes, or what ranch life is all about.

The GRVC work with the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) and SnowAnn Engler along with United States Department of Agriculture’s Ag in the classroom (Wyoming webpage and National webpage) and Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation to promote Ag in the Classroom throughout the schools and to help anyone become more aware of the agriculture uses in our valley.

The Green River Valley Cattlemen Association and GRVC have paired up to help educate the public about what ranches in our area do with the livestock and why.  This is being provided by a monthly article in the Sublette Examiner and on and . Below are articles about the different aspects of ranching:
1. Spring Cleaning
2.  Spring Pasture
3.  Chicken Broods
4.  Trailing to the Mountains
5.  Bulls and More Bull
6.  Art of Irrigating
7.  Haying
8.  Coming Home for Winter
9.  Fall Cow Work

10.  Feeding Cows

12. Fencing
13.  Bull Sales

The Wyoming Stock Growers Association also has videos and links about ranching in the west along with sponsoring a rancher blog so people can see the real ranch life.

A wonderful site to get information concerning cuts of beef, beef safety and beef recipes the Michigan Beef Industry Commission Industry.  Another wonderful site for education and information about beef is the Pennsylvania Beef Council.

Jared Sare, DVM of Pinedale, Wyoming held a producers’ meeting on May 15, 2013 and Dr. Gary Sides spoke about Defending Modern Agriculture in a Facebook Culture.